maanantai 8. heinäkuuta 2013

Weekly Challenge 126 - Stencil fun

"If you have some stencils in your stash, time to pull them out 
and try tangling using the stencils as your string!  
Don't fret if you don't have any stencils in your art supply, 
you can use anything from around the house."


Well, I don't have stencils here at my summer cottage
so I took a guksi and used it as a stencil ;)

Canson Illustration 250g/m2, 9 x 9 cm.
Pigma Micron 01, 
Gelly Roll, white
Derwent Academy Sketching 3B,
Blending stump

Thanks for watching!

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to this week's challenge here.

20 kommenttia:

  1. Oh how lovely! That was a fantastic tile and an equally fantastic idea.

  2. A very clever idea and a wonderful tile!

  3. Very cool stencil!!!!!! I love the tile ~ very 3d ~ your shading is wonderful!

  4. I love the idea!
    And the tile is very beautiful!

  5. That's a fabulous idea to use as a stencil. Now I'll have to look around my house for what other types of objects I can use as "stencils". Your design is beautiful.

  6. Wow, wonderful depth and flow in this tile! Beautiful.

  7. Clever idea and a beautiful result!

  8. Very creative of you and such a beautiful tile. Well done!

  9. What a great tile, your shading is outstanding, it has great depth. I like it verrrry much!

  10. It´s beautiful! I love the perfect balance between black and white!

  11. What a super tile and I love the wooden mug.

  12. Great tile and creative way to come up with a string. Like the combination of tangles that you used. Like the subtle shading.

  13. I thought using the handle was very creative on your part. The piece itself if just fabulous. I tried posting this once before and I think I hit the delete button. Sorry if it's duplicated.

  14. Very Beautiful and creative!

  15. Hienosti kuvio lähti liikkeelle. Upea kokonaisuus syntyi.
    Olen ollut lomaretkellä ja olen kaikista haasteista jäljessä.

    Ihailin myös kalliokuviasi. Siellä on ollut ihana käyskennellä ja merta ihailla.